*All necessary components to be considered “full production packages” can be included.
* Kits are always changing. Please ask about our current selections to see if your needs can be met.
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– V mount
– EF and PL mounts
– 2x 480 TB minimags
– Ultrabright 7 inch monitor
– Cheese plates
– XLR A-Box

SONY FX6 (two available)
– V mount
– EF and PL mounts
– Unified Baseplate
– media

SONY A7siii (two available)
– EF and PL mounts
– media


Multiple gorgeous sets of WELL MATCHED 1970-1980 Leica R lenses that are cinema and set friendly with Canon EF Leitax mounts, machined 0.8 pitched focus rings, 80 O.D. fronts, ID caps and a case modified by Duclos Lenses.
The glass that are in these lenses in particular were made by the same manufacturer who was supplying glass to Panavision in the late 70’s and early 80’s. That explains their beautiful look. Leica R lenses have been used on countless productions, shows and features. Such as, Netflix’s Ozark. Their look is very close to Cooke.

Lenses (muliples available):
– 19mm f2.8 v1 and v2
– 21mm f4
– 24mm f2.8
– 35mm f2
– 50mm f1.4
– 50mm f2
– 60mm f2.8 macro
– 80mm f1.4
– 90mm f2
– 135mm f2.8
– 21-35mm f3.5-4 ASPH
– 35-70mm f4
– 80-200mm f4

Sigma ART (EF mount, follow focus gears, 80mm OD fronts)
– 20mm f1.4
– 24mm f1.4
– 40mm f1.4
– 85mm f1.4
– 135mm f1.8

Canon (EF mount, follow focus gears, 80mm OD fronts)
– 24-105mm f4 IS (2)
– 70-200mm f2.8 IS ii

– 17-35mm f2.8
– 28-70mm f2.8
– 70-180mm f2.8
– 100-400mm f4-5.6 G Master

ND + Filtration

Breakthrough Photography
– 4×5.65 Platinum IRND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2
– 77mm threaded 3x 1/4 HBM

Moment Variable ND (77mm)
2-5 stop, 6-9 stop

– 2x Black Alchemy 1/8

Filter Lens FX
– 2x Dream Filter 4×5.65

– 77mm threaded 2x 1/8 BPM
– 77mm threaded 2x 1/4 BPM

– 77mm threaded 2x 1/8 HBM
– 77mm threaded 2x 1/4 HBM

Matte Boxes
– 2x WC Zip box pro
– 1x WC Zip box


– 1x CINE 24 Production Monitor
– 1x 703 BOLT
– 1x Cine 7 TX, Red control license
– 2x Cine 7, Arri and Red control licenses
– 1x Focus 5 SDI
– 1x Focus Pro, Arri and Red control licenses
– 1x Focus 5 hdmi
– 1x Atomos Shogun 7 Recorder with 1TB SSD
– 1x Atomos Ninja V Recorder with 1TB SSD


– Teradek BOLT 500
– SmallHD 703 BOLT
– SmallHD Cine 7 TX


– RT MOTION CTRL 3 w/ FIZ Motors

Nucleus M Wireless lens control system

Wooden Camera
Zip Focus

Stabilization and Car Rigs

Easyrig Vario 5
– Gimbalrig Vest
quick release ball

– Ignite Digi AKS
– 6x DJI batteries
– Easytilt

DJI Ronin RS2

Glidecam HD 4000
devin graham series

SYRP Magic Carpet Slider
– Motion Control Slider

Ascending Works RAY RIG and Kessler KILL SHOCK


– Activ 10 with Flowtech 100
– Activ 8 with Flowtech 75

Lighting + Grip

Astera Titan Tubes
– 4x 4 ft tubes
– Honey crates
– 1x Wireless iPhone controller

– 2x 600D
– 3x 300X
– 3x 120D
– 1x Amaran bi-color 1×1
– 2x MC
– 1x Large China Ball
– 2x Large Light dome with grid
– 1x Small Light dome with grid
– 2x Fresnel

Diffusion, reflectors, floppy cutter, clamps, arms, heads
– Matthews Road Rags
Light stands


– 2x 8060 shotgun microphone
– 1x MKH416 shotgun microphone
– 1x 8040 microphone
– 2x EWG4 wireless lav packs
– 2x MKE 1 lav microphone
– 2x MKE 2 lav microphone

– 1x Sound Devices Mixpre3 ii pre amp
– 1x Saramonic Smart Rig + pre amp
– 2x boom pole, holders, c-stands, sandbags
Rycote shock mounts and dead cats
XLR cables
– line in/out cable
– LR splitter

Tentacle Sync Timecode generators
– 4x units with various cables

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