Julien Jarry and his team specialize in documentaries and commercials focused around, but not limited to, communicating a message, casting a vision and telling a story in order to accomplish goals such as raising money, awareness and/or marketing a product or strategy.


“I’ve worked with Julien on multiple productions. He is a true professional; honest, punctual, knowledgable and highly creative. Not to mention, he is just fun to work with.” – Kyle Bellinger, CEO Osito Coffee

“I’ve been working with Julien on various outdoor sports projects and his ability to capture action and movement in difficult conditions is unparalleled. I’m confident I’ll be using him more and more in future projects and he will be an easy sell to our marketing department. He’s confident, committed and damn good at what he does. What more do you need?” – Rob Hyatt, Cycling Sports Group

“Julien and his team are top notch! He carefully advised and guided us in the video planning, and then shot and produced a beautiful, effective, engaging, memorable video for our King School fundraising project. And we now have a beautiful new facility! I could not recommend him more highly and can’t wait to work with them again.”- Lauren Fredette, Director of Development at King School

“You know when you don’t have to explain to someone you’ve hired for a job exactly what it is that you want because they’re already on the same page…? Thats what its like when working with Julien, every single time. He understands the process like no one I’ve ever worked with before, and knows how to deliver a final product that looks better than it originally did in your head. I can’t thank him enough for all that he’s done, always going above and beyond. Thats the part that really counts, and thats why he’s always my first call.” – James Capparelle, Marketing Manager Pro Audio Sennheiser