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Sennheiser’s PRO TALK Series (Season 2 and 3)

Sennheiser’s award-winning Pro Talk Series includes in-depth interviews with the top industry luminaries, such as Manny Marroquin, Al Schmitt, Ken Travis and more. In 2018, the Pro Talk Series won a TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the Audio Education Technology category. Designed to serve as a valuable resource for aspiring engineers, producers and audio enthusiasts, the series focuses on the journeys of the world’s leading audio professionals and their expert advice for a path to success.

Client: Sennheiser
Producer/Director: James Capparelle
Co-director/Director of Photography: Julien Jarry
Camera Operator (selected episodes): Zach Trinca / Jacob Laureanti / Kelly Jarry
Assistant Camera (selected episodes): Jacob Laureanti / Kelly Jarry
Location Sound: Julien Jarry
Editor: Julien Jarry / Tim Olsen
Audio Post Production: Steve Demott
Colorist: Julien Jarry

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