‘Canon-Like’ for Panasonic Lumix m4/3 Cameras

In preparation for a multi-camera shoot where we had a Canon 1DC, Canon 1DX Mark ii and 3 Panasonic Lumix GH4’s, we created this in-camera picture profile that is virtually identical to Canon ‘Prolost Flat’.
Simply use the image below as a guide to set up your Panasonic GH4.


‘PROLOST Flat’ for┬áCanon Cameras

Thanks to Prolost.com we have ‘PROLOST Flat’ from the 5D Mark ii hayday. In my opinion this is the simplest and best unsharpened, flat and edit-ready profile that stills retains the Canon color we all love. In post, I would add back the tiniest bit of sharpening, color and contrast to taste and you’re done.
This is the picture profile I used with the Canon 1DX Mark ii on the Sennheiser Pro Talk Series: House of Worship Edition: Flatirons Church