LR Presets


My first ever LR pack is here! The TENKARA LR PRESET PACK is inspired by pleasing film tones, grains, colors and light and is ready to get slapped all over your very own raw files! I find that the tones found in these presets are unparelleled.

The pack includes these 3 original LR presets:

Tenkara. My GO-TO LR PRESET with dope tones and grain that will have your friends asking “Was that shot on film?”. Literally, every raw file of mine in the past few months has past threw this preset and I don’t see myself changing it up anytime soon.

Venice. With a bit of cool punch in the shadows Venice gives Tenkara a bit more mood for those darks days.

Sudan. Think sandstone. Think western gunslinging goodness.

*Note: As with all presets, there are things to tweak. Start with getting the exposure and contrast dialed, push and pull the grain if you feel so inclined, work your white balance, saturation and sharpening to dial in your vision. Add a vignette, I know I always do.

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